Quality Processors Will Improve Your Computer’s Speed – computer industry

Along with many of the other parts of a computer the most important part that computer users need to know about is the processor. Also called the CPU or Central Processing Unit. This is vital to the understanding of why or how your computer seems slow. In general the CPU can be looked at as the main brain of the computer. It can be related to the human brain and seen as the part of the computer that makes all of the decisions for the actions that the computer does. Of course all of these actions will be commands by you the user.Well first we will look at one of the most important and talked about parts of the CPU, the speed. Most people brag about how fast their new processors are and that they have the new 3.3Ghz blah blah blah. What does this mean? Well basically it is how many calculations per second the CPU can do. In other words how many cycles per second that the CPU can compute for you. Ghz or gigahertz stands for a billion cycles per second. A 3.3Ghz processor, for example, can do 3.3 billion cycles per second. It holds a direct relationship, the higher the number the faster the processor. The computer industry is still seeing no slowing trend or stop and we will continue to see these numbers rise and rise as the technology gets faster and faster.Another important part to understand about the CPU, that also directly affects our computers speed, is the cache. This is vital for you to keep from having a slow computer. Without a high cache your processor will have limited performance. This means your computer will start to struggle when it has a high demand placed on it. Cache is basically memory set aside for the CPU to use for “short term storage”. When a CPU is processing something and needs to gather information it will use this memory to allow for the major processes to start. The more short term storage or cache that is set aside for this the easier it will be for the CPU. Again we see a direct relationship the higher the cache memory the better performance. Those are the main things that we need to understand in a CPU that can either make our computer running really good and efficient or that can completely make using our computer frustrating.