2U Rackmount Computers Offers Flexibility and Ruggedness – computer industry

If you are looking for a stable and highly reliable space limited computer, then 2U rackmount computers are the perfect servers for you! Constructed of heavy duty steel for ruggedness and corrosion resistance, it can withstand even the harshest environment conditions. Rackmounts are specially designed to protect the equipment from damage during vibration and handling. Even under the most extreme circumstances, this type of system is made to operate without failure.Though the ideal color of these units is black, we are seeing a wider range of companies seeking to buy a beige-colored chassis. Unique industrial computers that are shorter in depth can fit easier into portable racks, which have the advantage of added protection for hard drives. With that being said, “short depth” is definitely a key feature and a specification to be looked out.Most of these computers are specifically designed for industrial control and server applications in industrial environments, but the versatility and use of this computer can also be applied for Web Server, File Server, Firewall, Proxy Server and VPN Gateway Applications. While most pre configured systems are focused in networking environments, these exceptional systems are specifically engineered for ease deployment to field for embedded solution requirements. Rackmounts support standard ATX form factor system boards that have PCI slots for numerous capabilities. Almost all 2U rackmount computer cases will offer at least two or three open PCI or PCI-e slots, three 3.5″ hard drives, and a slim or regular CD-ROM or DVD reader-writer. The motherboard includes a chipset, which provides virtually all of the resources needed to make these computers a reliable and consistent computation platform for virtually any application.The front bezel is placed with important functions, such as the On/Off switch and USB ports for easier access. Depending on how much ventilation is required, every unit is equipped with at least one heavy duty ball bearing fan to draw cooler air into the case from the outside, and expel warm air from inside. The I/O features such as serial, parallel, and USB ports provide the basis for a broad range of graphic interface uses, while additional features, like dual slide rails, improve long term reliability and provide ease of maintenance. Built with massive durability and resistance to industrial contaminants such as water, dirt, oil and grease, these rackmount systems are not only limited to these hard core applications, because even contaminants around the house such as soft drinks, cookie crumbs, and children’s sticky fingers could not attack this computer.If you are looking for a computer that is specifically engineered for massive durability and resistance to industrial contaminants, then the 2U rackmount computers are a perfect for you!